The crazy truth

Piolo Pascal and KC Conception’s relationship was the most talked of the town.  It is because Piolo’s gay issue.  Everyone is keeping an eye of their relationship because of the said issue.  Same with the other relationship, they have been through a lot of issues and gossips but still they have each other.  In a way, they prove to their fans and supporters that they are strong despites the ups and downs.  However, when KC left the country for a vacation, many have questioned that they are through.  Many have speculated that their relationship is not good.  The gossips stop because both parties opted to keep it silent.

Their silent was broke when KC decided to tell the real story of their relationship.  The speculation of many is true that their relationship has ended.  KC’s living the country is for her to think things through and have the strength to face the truth and answer all the issues.  For once KC tells the truth of their break up.  It took her months of thinking before deciding to come out in the open.  She is braved indeed, to tell the truth about their break up.

Apparently, KC’s statement in her interview leaves a big question mark to many.  If you were to read between the lines, it tells that there is a big issue on Piolo’s gender.  I did have that thinking and looking for the crazy truth about their ended relationship.  The rumors continue and there are names that come up, but still no one knows the real truth.

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3 Responses to “The crazy truth”

  1. Mona says:

    i thought perfect na ang relationship nila pero hmmm … I don’t watch the interview of KC i will search n lang here if i have time hehe nahabol pa sa chikka. Yon issue about Piolo’s gender tagal n yan eh pero i don’t believe it pero ngayon parang naniniwala na ako for me almost perfect na si KC so what should be the problem.

  2. Pinx says:

    Showbiz…. no relationship lasts in that industry, maayo na lang wala ko naartista. hahahaha! laag na pud ko diri.

  3. dah! kay nganong nanguyab ug super gwapo..nyahaha..TY sa visit Gen…btw: naka huna huna na noon ko nga dalhon ang doll dah! hehe

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