Blankets for the kids

The kids are not used to put blankets when they are sleeping.  They are not comfortable with it because they want the wind from the electric fan go directly to them.  I bought blankets for them when they were younger for cold protection especially in rainy season.  Three years ago, they moved out of the house to live in the house of the SIL sister.  There is a lot at the SIL sister that is for sale.  They wish to buy the area to build their own house.  Sad to say the owner of the lot decide to not sale it instead to use the area to put up a small store.Smiley The brother is sad because they already planned of when they will give the payment and the possible construction of their home sweet home.

When the SIL got pregnant for their third child, they moved back in the house because no one will look after the kids for the nanny just left.Smiley They left some of their things there for the SIL’s sister to use.  I noticed that they also left their the blankets that I bought for the kids.  I understand, maybe the sister of SIL needs it the most.  Since then the kids do not have blankets anymore.  I thought that the brother would buy new blankets for them but keep on saying to budget.Smiley  I pity the kids so I shared my blanket to them.   It was fine for me until the other day.  They are grown up and sharing blankets is to used because it is too small for the three of us.

Since their parents has no plans of buying them new blankets, I thought of buying them this Christmas.  It would be my Christmas gift for them.  They for sure will use it especially that cold weather is here in the city.  It is a surprise for them from me and I hope they will like it. Smiley

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