Good way to train kids

At early age, I trained my nieces on how to turn on and off the lights the house especially in the bathroom to conserve electricity.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, they woke up to pee.  I look at them to see if they turn off the lights after using the bathroom.  Even though I always told  them not to forget to turn off the lights, they always forgot to do it.  Maybe because they are half asleep or maybe the switch plate the we have is not that attractive because of the color that blends to the paint in the bathroom.  And because the color blends to the white paint in the bathroom, it does not e noticed by them.

I am thinking of buying a switch plate covers that will catch their attention and can be seen easily.  A colorful covers would be best to put in the bathroom because it can be noticed easily.  The kids switchplate covers is the perfect replacement to our old switch plate cover.  I prefer to pick their favorite color for them to see it right away.  This would be a good way of training them not to forget turning off the lights.  They would love it and for sure always turns on and off the lights the kids likes to do.  It would be like playing to them.


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