Wanted a cookware toys this christmas

Today, I fetch my nieces at school my sister is busy practicing their dance performance for the party.  Their practice is up to 4:00 in the afternoon.  She cannot watch the kids because she is practicing together with her co-teachers. On our way home, I am having some chit-chat with my nieces.  Although, I already bought my Christmas presents for them I still asked them what gift they would like to have this Christmas.  They answered with a smile and told me that they want to have cookware toys.  My sister used to give them doll and barbie.  They love it before but now, they think it is boring.  Their level selecting toys is a bit different.  Instead of playing doll and barbie, they want to play cooking.

They always watched when their father is busy preparing their meals and I guess they got the idea from their.  They want to cook also.  And since they cannot do it for real, they wanted a cookware toys for them to imitate their father while cooking.  It is a good idea I guess and would love to buy them the toys they wanted for Christmas.  After their exam I promised to buy them one set and told them to share with each other.  I wanted them to learn how to share that is why I am training them early.


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  1. nancy says:

    Ma gyud nay role sa iyaan Gen, tigpalit ug dulaan sa mga rugrats. đŸ˜€

  2. Pinx says:

    wow! bongga ang auntie… apili ko palit og gift.. hehehe…

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