Netbook for my sister

I have seen my sister doing her records at school manually.  I also see the pain in her fingers writing and recording for hours.  And the most painful part is when she entered the details wrongly because it only means she has do it again.   Smiley   This scene makes me decide to buy a netbook for my sister to use at school.  It would be best if she has a netbook because it will make her paper works easy and she can finish it early.  No worries if she entered it wrongly because she can delete or cancel it by clicking the keys.

Most of her colleagues are using laptops and netbook in recording records of children at school.  The sister envied because they finished their work fast and easy.  I wanted to lend my laptop to her but cannot do it I do have to do my stuffs online also.  It would not be easy for both of us.  Thinking about it made me decide to buy her a netbook next year.  Since netbook nowadays are affordable.  This would be my gift for my sister for being a good sister to me all my life.  I seldom give her present that’s why I wanted to give her something that she need for work.  Her paperwork will be lesser and no more erasure because delete and cancel in the keys is just a click away. Smiley

Thinking about buying the sister a netbook excites me.  I pray that I will be able to pursue this plan in God’s time.  The sister will surely loves to have netbook.  She is the best sister for me and so she deserves a wonderful presents from me. Smiley

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  1. kim says:

    that was so sweet of you to think of your sister that way..

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