New Cover for my Bed

Just recently, I went to the department store to buy cover for my bed.  It was so perfect because the cover is on sale.  I will get 20% discount if I buy.  As a consumer like me, it is good opportunity to buy items and good when it is on sale.  I was overwhelmed that is why I buy one immediately without checking the fabric of the cover.  And also the design of the bed cover is nice and girly that catches my eyes easily.  I did not check if the size of the bed cover if it fits to my bed.

I was not being  a wise buyer at that time, because I let my impulse overpowering my mind.  I forgot to think twice before buying it.  The bed cover that I bought is not good quality and the stitches on the side are not nicely done.  It was really a mistake not to check the item before buying.  It was a bad experienced and I learned from it.  This holiday season, I am thinking of buying a new cover for my bed.  Good thing is that The White Company is having their bedding sale.  It is really meant to be because this time I am looking for white colored bedding.  The White company is so perfect site to browse because their bedding is of good quality and also has the wide collections to choose from.  I will grab this opportunity to buy bedding while they are on sale.

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2 Responses to “New Cover for my Bed”

  1. unikorna says:

    Happy Holidays and million kisses. So happy to have met you.

  2. Elvirah says:

    True its always a must to check and make sure we are buying the right thing and its quality is certain. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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