Enjoying the remote-controlled car

Last Christmas, one of the gifts that my nephew received was a remote-controlled car.  The nephew has different toy cars except the remote one.  He is so happy after seeing the gifts that he receives from his godparents.  He is so excited to play with it that is why bugging his father to put the battery.  After it is fixed, he then started to press the button of the remote control but does not know where to press if he wants to backward, forward, turn left and right.  We are just letting him do the exploration but still does not know what to do.  His father teach him what to do and instruct him the right button to press.  At three, I can tell that the  nephew is a smart one  because he knows already what to do after the instructions of his father.

Each day the nephew plays his new remote-controlled car.  He is having a good time and enjoying his new toy car.  Less stress for me because he only plays with one toy.  Free from lots of mess in the house.  Thanks to his godparents who gave this wonderful gift for him.  One problem now is that, he is not contented to play inside the house.  The nephew wanted to play outside so that he has a wide area.  Another problem for me but I am fine I will just use my power to convince him not to go outside.  Good Luck to me…Whew!


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  1. unikorna says:

    I know how hard it can be to raise a boy- I raised my nephew from my sister- so I understand your fears and congrats on your patience. Also txs for the wedding wishes :). You are invited by the way :)))).

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