Roaming around the house

It was a wonderful moment to the sister’s life after she saw the first step of her son.  I saw the big smile on her face when her son walks on his own.  She did not realize that her son grows very fast.  It was like yesterday when she carried the helpless little angel on her arms.  The nephew turns one year old last December 25, 2011 and the nephew can do one to three steps then.  We still holds his hands when he walks to guide him.  We done it everyday for the nephew to gain more confidence to walk straight and to make his legs a bit strong.

After doing it everyday, the nephew now is always walk.  He will not crawl anymore and he is roaming around the house.  I can see that he is very much happy that he can walk now without someone holds his hands.  It is good to see him walking but a bit stressful because he goes to the kitchen, living room, bed rooms and under the dining table .  I have to look where he goes because he picks up anything he sees.  And his most favorite place in the house is in the kitchen where he sees lots of stuffs to grab and pick.  Sometimes I wish that he remains a  Bad wish I know but just a thought though.  The next thing I know is that this nephew is running on the street and playing outside.  I just pray that when that time happens, nephew will always be safe from harm.


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