Slimming tea for me

One of my new year’s resolutions was to lose some weight.  It has been my resolution every year but cannot do it because it is very difficult.  It is very difficult because yummy foods are always tempting me and I find it hard to say no.  Smiley  I always failed when it comes to losing weight and it makes me really upset.  I tried doing some exercise but I have the same result.  I am aware that it needs a lot of determination and willingness to lose weight but I cannot sustain it.  I know that it is all in the mind but to control eating is very difficult for me.  I have mentioned to the family that this year I have to lose weight.  For my health reason and also for me to be able to wear the clothes that I bought last year.  I do not like that idea to buy again new clothes this year that is why I have to lose weight.

I was surprised the other day when my SIL gave me a slimming tea.  I was watching a show on television when the niece handed it to me.  The niece said that her mom bought it.  I smiled because I did not expect it.  The SIL is so thoughtful to buy me a slimming tea.  Of course I am thankful to her and I appreciate it a lot.  I will try to drink the tea that SIL bought for me and I hope I get a good result after.  Good luck to me.  This is it!


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