Rats are in the house

The brother is having  problem on how to oust the rats that keep on running inside the house.  It is very hard because rats are biting the wires, dirty clothes and the shoes.  That makes us irritated and losing patience on how to get rid of the rats.  Once the brother tried to chase the rat while running in the living but did not able to kill the rat.  The result is that the rat eats his shirts that makes the brother mad. Smiley  He tried to put mouse trap but it is not effective.  It is funny to think that rats are wiser now because they avoid mouse trap. Smiley

The brother is looking for another options on how to get rid of the rats before the rats creates more damage to our things and before the rats bite us.  Meanwhile, the other brother is coating the holes where the rats possibly pass to get inside the house.  Hopefully, we can get rid of the rats as soon as possible because rats also bring bacteria that is dangerous to our health.  We do not know what the rats are doing while we are sleeping at night, so finding a safe way to get rid of them is a must.

If you happens to read this post and can share to me what you did to the rats inside your house, I will appreciate it much.   Thanks in advance.


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  1. Jill says:

    Exterminator? That’s what I’d do.

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