To put on my sister’s table

The sister just  got promoted from teacher 1 to teacher 2.  She is so happy because she working hard on it for five years to get the promotion.  She stepped to another level of her teaching career and I am so happy for her.  The sister needs to change some of the stuffs on her table especially the frame on her table that has her name and her position.  She needs to have new desk name plates to put on her table when the new school year starts.

The sister is still looking for a nice plates to put on her table but I’d like to buy her one as my gift for her.  It would be a surprise for her that is why I double my time to have it before she will buy it for herself. I seldom give the sister gifts because she is a bit picky, but the gift that I am planning to give her to put on her table would make her smile.  And she would remember me every time she sees it on her table.  Congratulations sister and praying for your next promotions.  I know it will come true because you are determined to get what you are dreaming to have.


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  1. Pinx says:

    wow! congrats to your sister gen! daku2x na jud ng sweldo ana.. hehehe…

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