Loves to hide under the chair

My two years old nephew is very playful.  Since his two sisters are schooling already, he is left alone in the house with me and no one to play with.  I allow him to make a mess in the living so that he wont go outside while I am doing my online stuffs.  Funny is that when I call his name he wont response.  Makes me worried because I am in the room and he is in the living room.  What he does is to hide in the place where I could not find him easily.  He is indeed a teaser I must say.  But most of the time he hides under the chair  Smiley  because he is afraid of rats that once running on his feet while hiding under the bed.

The son of my sister who is one year old is his playmate.  And he is teaching his cousin to hide under the chair.  It looks so funny and cute.  They both love to hide under the chair now.  Less messy and less noise.  The chair is their best friend.


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