Reunion giveaway

The clan is planning to have a grand reunion this year.  We have the whole year of preparation for us to have enough time to plan and getting things ready.  As member of the clan, I am doing my part to be able to help in the preparation.  And I am in-charge of the stuff that we will be giving away to each member of the family.  We already have the t-shirt before and the clan is thinking of giving away something unique.  As we have noticed, t-shirts are the most common thing we have seen in the reunion.  This is why we wanted to have a unique one this year.

After searching, the clan decided to give a pin to each member of the family.  And lapel pin is so perfect to have.  Very unique and one of a kids.  And also we can wear this anywhere we go everyday.  Not like the t-shirt once it  is dirty, we cannot wear it on the following day.  Having a pin is also a reminder of the clan and the memories shared during the said reunion.  One good giveaways to be given and remembrance of our clan.


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  1. Mona says:

    True .. gasgas na ang shirt hehe .. anyway, for sure this event is fun, good luck!

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