Not included in the field demonstration

The school where the nieces attended will be having their school program.  This happens every year and the kids were very much excited because they will be going to participate in the field demonstration.  Just the today the teacher is selecting a students who will be included in the field demonstration.  But before the teacher picks a students, the teacher will talk to the parents since the parents will be doing a little contributions for the kids costumes.  When the teacher approaches my brother, the brother said no.   I cannot blame him guys do not like things like that.  I felt sorry for the niece because she really wanted to join but the teacher already selected a students who will be part of the field demonstration. Smiley

The kids start practicing their dance for the field demonstration and the is sad because she is not included.   She cry when her parents arrives from work because her older sister is part of the field demonstration and she is not.  She is blaming her father but we cannot do something about it.  The brother just talk to her daughter and make her understand things.  The brother made a mistakes and he felt sorry about it.  We just told the niece that there is always a next time.  And we promised that next time she will be part of the participants.


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  1. Pinx says:

    aawwsss… kaluoy pud oi… before lagi sa among school, everyone is a participant. dili selective, so everybody gets to perform…sige lang, next time na lang pud sya.

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