Does not know what to do

As of the moment, the brother is doing the school project of his daughter.  It is his first time to do it because it is me who used to do the project of his kids.  But I cannot do it today because I am a bit busy with my online stuffs.  From time to time I look at him doing the projects of his daughter and I laughed because he does not know what to do.  I wanted to help him, but I myself do not know how to do it.  Smiley  I do not know why the brother does not get the instruction of the niece’s teacher.  If I was there, I would definitely ask more details on how to do the project.

In fairness to my brother, he is trying his hardest to learn how to do the project.  He does not have any choice because the deadline of the submission is tomorrow.  I can feel that the brother is pressured and a bit pissed off.  Even so, he is doing his best because her wife does not have any idea either.   Smiley   I wish the brother good luck and I hope he do it right because her daughter does not like project that is poorly done.  Funny, but it is true.  I do not know where did the niece got the idea of being too picky at a very young age.  A big good luck to my brother.


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