Still on bidding

I have mentioned in my previous posts about us looking for a car that can be used in our business.  The business that the father wanted to put up is to deliver goods to stores ans houses and we need to have our own car to make start the business.  We have been looking for five months already and still have not buy one.  We have spotted several cars already and when we are about to buy, it is already sold.  I just think that it is not meant for us.  And indeed it is not meant for us because the brother got sick and we used the money for hospitalization.  We just have to wait for the perfect time.

The cousin learned about us planning to buy a car, she contacted my father because she saw a car that is for sale.  And the car is just so perfect because it is like a delivery car.  The father got interested in the car and told the cousin that he wanted to see the car and check up if it is in good condition before buying it.  The BIL is a mechanic and he will be the one who will check up the said car.  Well, the car is still on bidding and we have submitted our bid.  We are crossing our fingers that we are the lucky bidder.  I pray that this is it so that we can start our planned business.


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