Getting ready for the two days at the beach

As planned, the family celebrates the 9th wedding anniversary of the brother and SIL at the beach away from the city.  It is the first time they are going to celebrate it with the whole family and their three kids.  We are so excited as well as the kids.  We are busy packing the things that we needed of two days at the beach.  We have to bring several things especially for the kids.  As usual, I am the one who prepare things for the family and to the check things no make sure all that we needed is there.  Not new to me because I do it every time we do have family bonding outside the house.

The packing and checking of the things to bring are done and we will be going in an hour.  We are just waiting for the sister to arrived from school.  It’s just sad that the brother won’t be joining us because he chooses his girlfriend over us.  We are used to it though, just that we are hoping that he values the family but doesn’t.  Even so, we will make this event a very memorable one and an event to remember by the family.


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