The Missing Piece

I was updating my blogs when I received a pop up message box in yahoo messenger from an old friend.  Made me smile for it has been a while since we talked.  If feels great to be able to talk to an old friend over the internet.   Talking about whereabouts and our life from the last time we talked.  We were in the middle of our conversation when an unexpected question uttered by the friend to me.  The friend asked me about what is the things that I so missed about.  I was caught off guard and was not able to answer it immediately.  The question makes me think of the things that I missed.

After thorough thinking, I realized that there are several missing piece that I so missed in my life.  I cannot elaborate it here because I want to keep in for myself.  I did not expect that the friend’s question made me think a million times.  In away, I give thanks to my friend for questioning me because I get to elaborate the things I missed in my life.  Somehow, I was not being fair to myself and I kind of regretting it.  However, the family is more important for me.  They are my life and inspirations in life.  The missing piece can wait and will come in the right and perfect time.


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2 Responses to “The Missing Piece”

  1. Pinx says:

    wow oi! ponder jud ang beauty… ana jud. mas important ang family gen. ulahi na lang sa nang uban… moabot ra tong missing piece.. hehehe..

  2. unikorna says:

    You are being very mysterious, I wonder what that missing piece is ? 🙂

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