Learning to recognize colors


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The photo above is the color wheel chart.  I do have the same chart at home because I started teaching the nephew on recognizing the colors.  The nephew will be turning three in a few months.  I guess teaching him the basics like recognizing colors is a good way to help him be ready when he is about to enter preschool.   We are already done with number up to ten and the nephew is doing very well I must say.  He can utter the number 1 to 10 but not in order using his fingers.  It is funny, but I always have a review of that until he will count perfectly.

I have posted the charts of the numbers, color wheel and charts of different animals for the nephew to follow me.  I have a good student I guess because the nephew follow me so far.  I am not pushing it to the limit.  I make sure that he is enjoying what we did.  I want him to appreciate the passion of learning because when he do it means fun.  To me, learning should be fun especially for the young ones who mind it is always to play.  It is difficult to get their attention because they get bored easily.

I am not a teacher but I am trying to be one for the nephew.  I want him to do good well at school just like his two older sisters.  I look forward when the nephew starts his ladder in school.


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  1. Mona says:

    tama yan para before going to school familiar na sya ..

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