In the mood for movie marathon

Today is one of my boring days.  I am so lazy because I do not want to get up an started my day.  I guess I was drained out from  the busy life at home and online.  I do not have the time to relax and take a nap.  The kids making me this way.  Well, not blaming them or anything just saying that taking care of them drains my energy.  I’ve been doing this things before and I am used to it.  Just that I am not getting any younger so there.  This maybe the reason I get tired easily.   Since I do not want to get up, I decided to stay in bed and bring the laptop there.  Laying down, doing some stuffs online and watching movies online.

I was browsing of a site where I can find the link to watch my favorite Korean drama that is played in the local television.  I am glad I found the link and got to see the drama titled Dong Yi.  The drama series has 60 chapters. And the current chapter that seen on television is chapter 24.  Wow, long way to go!  Smiley  Well, no regrets because the movie is beautiful and it is worth it to watch.  Korean has unique style that is why I so love Korean movies.  I did finished the drama series and it is indeed worth it.  I am in the mood for movies marathon so I will be doing this for the whole week.


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  1. Mona says:

    I love korean series than our own tagalog series sssshhhhhh hahah ..Dong Yi sa 7 dba .. Mukhang interesting ah if i’m not busy will watch this one .. Haven’t started pa watching City hunter in DVD.

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