Did not last long

Last six months ago the brother bought a new electric fan to put in their room because the old one is no longer working.  Even if they do not have budget yet, still they bought one because it is difficult if there is no fan that brings wind especially at night.  The kids cannot sleep straight because of the hot weather.  It is like an abrupt decision.  And since they are out of budget, they prefer to buy a cheaper one just to ease the hot feeling at night. They are glad when they went to the department store because they found an electric that is enough to the money they have in their wallet.

In fairness to the electric that they bought, it looks nice and looks expensive.  We are not sure if it is in good quality.  However, after six months the electric fan is no longer working.  It lasted for six months only.  Too bad because we expected that it would last for at least a year.  This is the result of buying a product because it is cheap.  It is best to buy a product out of good quality instead of the price because good quality one guaranteed that it will last longer.

Well, the brother who is a technician is fixing it every time it stops working. It has been fixed for five times already and will be doing this till the right time that the brother will buy a new one of good quality.


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