Convinced by a friend

Ever since I have the passion to write.  I usually spend my leisure time writing poems and short stories.  This is how I spend my time especially if I am bored.  I have made more than ten poems back then when I stopped doing it.  I just lost the enthusiasm of doing it.  It is because my time is fully occupied by the projects and paper works at school.  My passion to write stops for a while even if I already finished my studies.  My mind stops to works because I am hooked with other things.

One day, a friend of mine came to visit me at home.  We were talking about our life, jobs and family when she suddenly mentioned about blogging.  She told me since I love to write, why not create a website of my own and write in there the things that I wanted to say and share.  I kinda like the idea of doing it since I am always at home and most of the time facing the computer.  Hearing her telling me the opportunities she got after creating a website convinced me to try it once.  I created a website and transferred in there the poems I wrote and a little teaser of the short stories I made.  I started with just one website at first but because I have lots of opinions, thoughts and views to share, I created another one and another one.  I end  up having  more than one blog and I am loving it.  My passion to write come alive because of a friend who convinced me to try it once.


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One Response to “Convinced by a friend”

  1. Mona says:

    Parang i know who she is hehe ..Anyway, your talented pala girl you know how to write and you know about fashion stuff .. Well, we are blessed because we were introduced in blogosphere and good news we earn from it. Long way to go girl.

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