Earning by doing what you love

The first thing that comes into my mind the first time I heard about blogging is computer and internet.  I do not have any idea of what it takes to be a blogger until a friend of mine shared to me her knowledge about blogging.   I started it as a hobby since I like to write.  But later on as I spend too much facing the computer and learning many things about blogging and the works of a blogger, I have learned that I can make money by doing the things that I like which is to write.  It is true that we can get lots of opportunities by doing blogging.  It is like doing what we love and earning at the same time.

I have been in the blogosphere for two years now and meeting other bloggers too.  Being a blogger gives me so many things not like earning money, but by gaining more friends and widen my knowledge by reading different articles in the  websites.  I also learned many things by reading different articles that other bloggers has posted in their website.  I am enjoying it so much because I am able to buy the things that I want from the money that I earned.  In blogosphere, blogger do share different ways to earn money online and I am so thankful that they are so kind to share it to others.  I am loving it and for sure will be doing it for as long because I am earning by doing what I love.


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  1. Mona says:

    same here clueless about blogging when i started and a friend online told me to try it. That is nice about blogging you don’t just express yourself but at the same time we get money from it and becomes our source of income na rin. congrats your doing well here.

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