The importance of self-defense

Snatching and robbery case are the most common incidents on the streets nowadays.  Many says it is because of the economic crisis that the world is facing right now.  Several establishments stop their operations and some company are retrenching some of their employees.  The affected individual in this economic crisis are those in average living, below poverty line and those workers who paid below minimum salary.  These are considered to be the factors why some people committed heinous crimes just to survived for a living.  It is so sad to know that there are innocent victims who suffers from the bad act of others.

These heinous incidents are so alarming because we do not know who will be the next victim.  Many are afraid to walk on the street alone and in the dark area.  As I have seen on television, robbers do shot their victims even if they have the bag or any belongings of the victim/s in their possession.  It is very much alarming to everyone especially those go home very late.  Even me, I am afraid to go outside because bad people do things in anytime and any day.  In this situation, I guess it is best if we do know a bit in self-defense.  So that we will know how to protect ourselves from any danger.  It is really important if we know some martial arts and we have something in our bag that we can use in such incidents occurs.  As they say, “prevention is better than cure“, so we must act now before it’s too late.

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