Total gun ban

Two important leaders of the city are now on a debate regarding the total gun banned.  It will take effect when the city celebrates 75th Araw ng Dabaw.  This is in relation to the series of crimes that the city is experiencing right now.  The so-called riding in tandem that robs and shot their victims.  Both city Mayor and Vice-Mayor, are on argument because the Vice-Mayor does not agree to the gun ban law.  To him, the law is not applicable at this time because of the crimes that happens in any part of the city.  And that, bringing things like gun, is a sort of self-defense just in case the riding in tandem is attacking a victim.

The city Mayor affirmed that the total gun ban should be implemented as the city celebrates its foundation day.  This is for the peace and order, as the city Mayor says.  The law is for the people to be at peace while enjoying the festivities in the city.  However, the people are still afraid knowing that the riding in tandem are just around the corner looking for their next victim.  And also, to bad people total gun ban is nothing to them because they are law violators.  The question is, are the people safe with this law?  If you were to ask, are you in favor of this law knowing that crimes are spreading?


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