Happy to be her passenger for a day

Two days ago, a friend who is a blogger like me has to do some business in the city.  And thought, it is a perfect timing for us to meet again and have some time to talk.  The lunch date was planned with Anne, Nancy and Verna.  Since I am far from the meeting place, Anne offered me a ride.  An offer that I grabbed right away.  I am happy and excited because for the first time I will be able to ride inside her car and will be experience her driving skills.  I have always teased her to give me a hitch one day and true enough, this is the day.  The day where I will be her passenger.

The lunch date was fun and filled with laughter. Anne took the responsibility to pay the bills (thanks Anne for the treat). Well, girls do laugh a lot no matter what topic it is.  Unfortunately, we are not able to meet Verna because she went home before we arrived.  Too bad Anne did not meet her.  It is supposed to be their first meeting with Nancy but did not able to.  There is always a next time, so better luck next time.

Thanks Anne for the hitched.  Hope I could get the chance again to be one of your passengers.  Oh,  by the way looking for a parking lot was fun Anne.  With all the sweating and the heat from the sun.  It was awesome.  Mind to give me a hitch again next time? haha  Thanks very much Anne, I am able to save some (foods and fare).


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  1. nakalimot diay ko gurl moingon unta ko ug pagdala ug helmet ug knee pad hehehe… for protection purposes aw unsa bah hehehe unsaon na lang bag o pa baya tang gadrive drive aning sakyanang ultimo kau hehehe.

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