She wants to dance

I mentioned in my previous articles about the niece missed to join their school presentation during their school foundation because her father forgot to talk to her teacher.  She was so sad because she really wanted to join her classmate on their dance presentation.   The niece likes to dance a lot that is why when she learned that she is not included in the presentation, she felt sad and cry.  I felt so sorry for the niece because she missed one of the important celebrations in the school.  Better luck next time for the niece.

Luckily, the better luck that my niece’s is waiting for comes so soon.  Because she is part of the group to do a presentation on their upcoming recognition day.  The niece is very much excited after hearing a yes from her parents.  In fact, they started practicing today.  I am supposed to fetch her after the practice but I am not available because no one will look after my one year old nephew.  I missed to see her dancing with her classmate.  I make it up to her on their recognition day.  I will take photos for her for sure.  I will see the talent of the family’s dancing princess.


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