The doctor is out

The Doctor Is Out.  This is the note we seen on the door of the doctor’s clinic when my sister and I arrived Saturday afternoon.  I was supposed to have a check up because the pain I have felt in my back and the numbness of my right leg.  The clinic is usually opens whole day every Saturday.  But last Saturday the clinic opens in the morning only because the doctor has important appointment to attend to.  Supposed to be we will go in the morning, however the sister had emergency meeting at the school she works as a teacher.  We thought it was a quick one, but the meeting lasted till 12:00 noon.

We had our lunch together, before going to the clinic in the afternoon.   Sad to say, the clinic was closed.  We have to go back home since the doctor is not around.  I do not like to go to other doctor because I have to start over again.  I better stick to my previous doctor because my records where there and my previous laboratory was there. If only the doctor accepts early appointment we will know if they are open on the afternoon.  On the other hand, it is our fault because we did not make a phone call first before deciding to visit the clinic.  Well, we have learned our lesson from what had happened.  Next time we will make a call before going to the doctor’s clinic.


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