My computer table is swinging

My computer table is with me for years already.  I can feel that it is not in good condition because it is swinging already.  I just put a folded paper in between to stop it from swinging.  I have talked to my brother about it and told me that the threaded rod is covered with rust.  The brother is a construction and knows a little about stuffs like this one.  He can fix my computer table to stops it from swinging, but I have to buy new threaded rod.  I need to buy new threaded rod for my computer table and I am glad I found acme thread that I can replace to the old rusted one.  It is not good to buy product of low quality because it wont last long.  The thread that I am going to buy is of good quality and will definitely last longer.  It has also content that will not make the rust stay.  This thread would definitely makes my computer as good as no.  No more swinging soon!


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