Running out of air sanitizer

The SIL is so good because she did the general cleaning at home.  She took the advantage while her kids are away.  Why away? Well, I brought the kids to the mall last Sunday.  A little treat from me.  Yes, I promised not to bring them on Sunday because it is my time to unwind and be myself.  But, while I am preparing myself to go I suddenly thought of bringing the kids with me.  I just felt that it would be lonely to go all alone.  Also, I promised the girls to buy them  shoes to wear on their recognition day.  So, it is perfect to do it as well.  It is like hitting two birds in one stone.

When we arrived at home after unwinding at the mall, the SIL asked me that she is trying to contact me because there is no air sanitizers.  She noticed that the bottle of air sanitizers is empty after several trying of pressing the top to squirt liquid.  Felt sad because I did not bring my phone with me.  I opted to left the phone at home since I do not have to stay longer at the mall.  Too bad.  I just told the SIL that I will buy new air sanitizer the next time I will be going to mall.  Thanks to SIL for cleaning the house.


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  1. Pinx says:

    hayahaya oi! giapilan unta ko nimo Gen… sugot ra man ko og sampalok candy… hehehe

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