The kids in the village where I live

This week is the last week of classes both private and private schools.   The long vacation that students are waiting for.  Their time to play, enjoy the summer and have fun playing with their friends.  Also, this is the much awaited days for the graduating students from college, high school, elementary and preschool.  The streets and villages would be busy now with kids running around playing and screaming.  Like for instance, here in the village where I live, kids are screaming, shouting, running, and all the stuffs they do to make a noise annoys me.  Kids are a teaser I must say because they are making a noise on the holy hour.  Instead of them take their afternoon nap, they are outside making a noise. argsh!

This is the same issue I have complaining a year ago.  The kids are one year older and creating more noise.  I so wish that this year, out street is free from noise and that the kids will take their afternoon nap instead of making a noise outside.  Well, it is a parents factor.  If they do teach and supervised their kids they will not be pest to some villagers like me.  I just hope that the heat of the sun stops them making going outside.  I am crossing my fingers on that.


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