The Eat Hour

Our agenda last Saturday was to eat dinner, go the field where earth hour being held and going to the park after to have fun.  The supposed to be 7 pm dinner was moved to 8 pm.  My apology girls for I came in late.  We are in the middle of savoring the dishes we ordered when suddenly the lights go dimmed.  Oh, we didn’t notice it is already 8:30 in the evening.  The time where the Earth hour started.  We are not able to go to the field because we are still eating, plus some of our friends did not come yet.  Though we are not able to participate the Earth Hour celebration, still we are happy because the dinner date was successful and we are having fun with our chit-chats.

Since we are not able to attend the Earth Hour at the field, we just enjoying the foods and have our ‘Eat Hour’.  Well, it is just our own version on that day because we are eating when the hands of the click hits 8:30 pm.  We wanted to catch up but the weather is not that good.  There was scattered rain showers that stops us from going to the field.  Better luck next time for us.  I hope there is still Earth Hour celebration here in the city.

I promised in my previous post to share some photos here.  My apologies because I did not able to attend.  I am sorry.  I hope you guys did watch the show about the event.

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  1. Katie says:

    Cute blog! I subscribed

  2. ammy says:

    Funny post, you lucky )

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