Qualifies to be in first section

Because the niece does have high grades in her class records, she is qualified to take a qualifying exams to be in first section.  It is a good chance for her to belong to the class section where fast learner students belongs.  It would be a challenge to niece if ever she will passes the written examination.  Being at the first section is an advantage because it is where the schools chooses a students to represent the school if there is a inter-school competition.  This would challenge my niece to study hard and do her best to make it to the top.  It is like a survival to the fittest when a student belong to the first section.

Last week, we went to the school to get the nieces class record/transcript of record.  The sister was told by the teacher that the niece (Ronna) qualifies to be in first section.  woohoo!  She did make it.  Out of 100 aspirant she is on top 10.  Good job Ronna.  I know she will passed the examination because Ronna is a smart kid.  I pray that she will do good at school to get higher grades and hopefully make us proud of here once again.  Well, she already make us proud.

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