Difficulties when a baby is teething

I assumed that you know me as the babysitter of my siblings kids.  I have been doing it for years already.  I do have some complains and grievances especially if I wanted to somewhere but I cannot do it because no one will look after the kids.  Oh well, I have said that in my previous posts.  I love kids and taking care of them makes my day.  Their noise, creating mess, makes me tired and lots more makes my day.  Oh yeah, I have to enjoy those moments with kids.  The moments that I have experienced where their parents doesn’t because they are working.

I treasure every moments with the kids, I like playing with them and seeing their development each day.  However, there is certain development that I do not like much.  It is the teething moment.  Arghs!  Very stressful for me especially when a baby is keep on crying, drooling, fever, cough, and the likes.  Those stuffs that I have to take when the baby is teething.  It is very difficult indeed.  My patience is being tasted I must say.  Good thing I have of patients.  I just have to inhale and exhale to release the stress.  This is what I am going through right now because my one year old nephew is teething.  Not so tiring though because his mother is around.

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  1. Pinx says:

    at least Gen, when you have kids of your own na, you already know what to do, diba? right now si baby Job is teething too. pero he did not have fever, thank God, cough lang na makalagot kay kadugayan mosuka… hehehe..

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