Waiting for the clean title

It was November of last year when the temporary title of our house and lot delivered.  It was a relief because at last we can say that we have a house and lots in the city.  We have been waiting for this moment to arrive.  The moment that we can say this is our house.  It took as lots of thinking about saving the house we are living at present.  We have been here for 15 years and it would be very difficult for us if we just let it gone just like that.  We have received a foreclosure notice from the home mortgage.  And it scares us that the house will be foreclose.

After the very big sacrifice that the father has made, we now paid the house and lot.  It is finally in our name.  The feeling is so good because at last we finally have a house.  The other day, the father and my sister went to the register of deeds to get the permanent title of the house and lot.  They already processed our request.  We just have to wait for weeks to deliver in our address.  After 15 years of living in this house, it is finally ours.  We will be living here forever.  Thanks God for the blessings.

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