Will be meeting the dentist soon

I remember the first time that the niece meets the dentist.  She was six years old then.  She was shaking, so scared and not feel at ease after seeing the apparatus that dentist is holding.  I never thought she would be going to the dentist at very young age.  At six, the niece’s two front teeth was extracted.  She did not tell her parents about her loose front teeth.  When the SIL saw her front teeth overlapping, they decided to go to the dentist to have it extracted.  Even though she was so nervous, she was able to face her fear.  She is a brave little I can tell.

I thought the niece learned about the first dentist meet.  But she doesn’t because her molars are loosing.  It was accidentally hits the head of her younger sister while playing ( her explanation after asking her about it).  No one to blame because it was an accident.  Since it was a molar, the niece will be meeting the dentist again soon.  It has to be extracted before she will feel the pain and before classes starts.  Though she has experienced before, still she is scared and I think it is normal for a kid like her.  Hopefully her molar will extracted very soon.

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