Born to be a winner

My cousin has a very good singing voice.  A wonderful talent that God has given to him.  He started singing back when he was still in high school and have joining different singing contests.  The cousin is very lucky because he always wins every time he joins a singing contest.  I can tell that he is born to be a winner.  Well, having a good singing voice is part of their genes.  I wish to have a good singing voice as well.  One of my dreams and will remain a dreams. haha!  Anyways, because the cousin always wins, he has several trophies that her mother puts in the rack.  One of their attractions in the living room area.  And every time there is visitors at their house, his mother always tells the story behind those trophies in their living room.  Proud parent I can tell.  If I am his mother, I would definitely tell the world how a good singer my son is.

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