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Before I went to a one week vacation, I received the response to my email about having a Firmoo sunglasses free.  I was excited and at the same time worried what if the package arrive before I got back home from vacation.  Though I told someone to get the package for me.  I also leave an authorization letter just in case it is require.  Even if I am on vacation, I see to it that I can get in touch with some friends who are expecting the same package.  Some of them got their package as early as one week.  Makes me into panicked mode because I haven’t receive any news about my package.

When I arrived from a week of vacation, still there is no news about my package.  I felt sad thinking what if someone took it away.  I know it is bad speculation,  however, I have an experienced about my package did not deliver.  I have talked to my friends about it and all they say was “just wait’.  So,I waited for another week.  On my third week of waiting, mr. postman knocks on our door with the good new.  Woohoo! my package is here.  It took three weeks before it reach to my place.  Thanks God and thanks Firmoo Online Optical Store.

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