Thinking of bringing him back home

Our vacation were filled with so much fun,excitement and enjoyment.  We did have a wonderful summer vacation ever.  However, it is really true that despite those happiness and the smiles we have on our faces, there are certain things that would change our mode.  At our vacation, we are able to meet the seven years old son of my cousin.  He is a product of a broken family.  He stayed with his father and his younger sister to her mother.  He is a bubbly kid and playful.  He is being so playful gets him into trouble.  Well, kids do love to play right?  The thing that his grannies, aunts and uncle doesn’t like.   For the reason that he has lots of responsibilities at home.  Oh my goodness! At his very young age he worked so hard at home.  Though it is good for him to become a responsible and better person when he grows up.  But I still believes that the child has the right to play and enjoy the life.  He does not able to play much because of the so-called “responsibilities”.  Also,there are incidents that they would spank,slap and verbally hurt the kid.

Seeing them treating him like that breaks my heart.  We thought of bringing him back to us but cannot do it because we do not have the custody.  He was really sad when we are about to leave.  He wanted to go with us but it is not possible.  I just wish and pray that they will treat him right because he is part of the family.  Their own flesh and blood.  I hope that they will soon realize it before it’s too late.

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  1. Pinx says:

    oowsss… kalooy sad sa bata… i hope they will treat him well na.

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