First day of school

June 4, 2012 is the first day of school.  The school year 2012-2013 has just started.  More traffic and more busy streets in the city I bet.  June 4 is the day where the students and teachers will meet and starts learning.  The kids are excited because of their new school paraphernalia.  They keep on looking and counting on their notebooks, carrying their bags and opening their pencil-case.  The same thing I did back when I was at their age.  In fairness to my nieces, they love to go to school, reading, and writing.  They like to play teacher and student.  The things that my sister and I did when were little.

Anyways, the kids first day of school was good.  They already have written something on their notebooks, have their assignments and a sample quiz.  They did well on their first day.  This means that the lesson they learned from earlier school years was still their.  The memory of my nieces is very good I can tell.  I wish that this will continue till this school year ends and bring honor to the family once again.  They did well last school year and I pray they will do good this year.

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