Watching movies to unwind

Lately, I am not in the mood to write.  I just do not know what to write and what to share.  I guess I need to go out and look for interesting stories and scenes that is good to share here.  However, my situation is not allowing me to do so.  So, I just settled at home and enjoy my day with the kids.  While at home, I realized that there are lots of things to share while at home.  You just have to think of what to share.  This week, what I always did was talking to my friends on Facebook.  It is fun but when they logged out, I do not have someone to talk to.

While browsing on the internet, I thought of downloading movies to watch for me to unwind.  I am searching for a good movies then download it in my computer.  Watching my favorite movies before and now for free is awesome, right?  I have eight in my list and downloaded half of it already.  I am watching the first one and enjoying the first one in my list.  It is great and good idea to unwind I can say.  Also, it is nice to watch movie alone because no one will bothers you.  So, if you feel lazy, go download your favorite movies and start watching.

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