First complainant for this year

My sister is a teacher and she has taught for 10 years now.  She has met various of issues  like parents doesn’t like the way she teach, her hand-written, parents complaining about the grades of their kid/s, when she carried away and hit the child when the child is noisy, not listening and being bad to her/his classmates, and lots more.  This is the normal scenario of the teacher teaching in public schools.  A teacher handing more than 50 students is not easy.  If you were to picture it out, expect the worse.  Especially today that students/children sometimes does not know the word respect.  Pardon me for saying this but this is true.  I can compare the students before from today.  It is too different.  Some students now are war freak, stubborn, spoiled and bully.  Things that adds the burden to the teacher.  And when the teacher hit the child to give them lesson, parents do complain without look at how is the attitude of their child/kid.

I am sharing this because the sister had her first complainant this year.  The parents don’t like the sitting arrangement.  Her son is sitting at the back and she doesn’t like it.  To her sitting at the back is like telling he is not belong to the class.  Is that right?  Is the parent in the right place to complain?  Oh geezz… Sometimes parents are too difficult to understand.  The issue was settled now and I do hope no more complainant because the sister is pregnant and pregnant sometimes gets angry easily. haha!

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  1. Pinx says:

    I am thankful that my students before were deaf and they were good students, although there were a few that were difficult to handle, but I still made it through. I miss teaching. I know your sister will also get through this.

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