I need it for my eyes

I have a problem with my eyes since I was in college.  I have the difficulty in reading what is on the board that is why as much as possible I have to sit on the front raw.  Even if I am afraid that my professor can easily call me every time there is oral recitation, I have to erase my fear because I do not have a choice.  I can see clearly and copy it on my notes if I am in front.  I have done eye check up and  I was told to wear eyeglasses so that I can see clearly even if I am far.  I did not buy then because I think I don’t really need it.  It is not a good thought though.  Just recently, I think that I really need to wear one now especially that I am facing the computer most of the time.  I do not want to give myself hard time that is why I am thinking of buying tube reading glasses. I really need glasses for my eyes and this is for my own good.

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