Let’s go swimming

Because I am not sleepy yet, I am looking at the photos I have uploaded in my laptop.  This is what I usually do especially if I am bored and do not know what to do.  Looking at old photos makes me smile especially seeing those photos that has a funny memories.  The first file I open is that photos of my nephew Ronj.  He was really a cute kid.  Not being bias here, just agree with me so that no more argument.  Okay?  While I view his photos, I saw this very cute stolen shot of Ronj.  See the image below.

This photo taken during our one week vacation at the province of my parents.  I call this photo a “let’s go swimming photo”.  And obviously you know the reason, right?  He is very much excited to go to the beach as you can see.  Too much excitement that he didn’t notice that he was wearing my slippers.  Or I guess he loves to wear my slippers.  I remember when I was younger I love to wear bigger slippers.

Can you tell what is the meaning of his look in the photo?  Is he bored? Confused? Sad?  Make a guess.

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