It’s not easy to be a teacher

I have seen in the new about the teacher beating, hitting, slapping, spanking and many others to their students.  It is so sad to see that it has to be this way to discipline their students.  I know that the teachers sometimes didn’t mean to do it,  but there are circumstances that we are carried away by our emotions and anger.  Beating the kids/students is not a good act, but because we are only human we get carried away.  Our anger controls our emotions that is why we do things that we will regret it after.  This is what happens to some teachers at school.  Things that parents and guardians should give focus.

It is not easy to be a teacher.  They have to attend 40 to 50 students in one classroom even 60 in public school.  How can a teacher control the crowd especially the kids are very noisy and stubborn.  I am not saying the all students are stubborn, but some of them are.  Parents should also help in disciplining their kids/child.  They should also act as teacher inside their own home because the home is the first school.  The attitudes of students of today is not pleasant.  They don’t even know the word respect.  This is based on what I have noticed.  It is so sad to see this but students now are lack of respect.  Thing that the parents should work out.  To parents and guardians, know your kids/child very well and teach them the good values and to respect others as they want to be respected.

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