The best buddies

Aside from the good voice that dj’s has, I think the movement of their hands while hitting the mixers is awesome.  Come to think of it, they are doing some remix to the song that is currently playing.  They are talented when it comes to this that is why I am fond of going to radio stations before.  Yes, during my free time my friends and I will go visits our favorite radio stations.  I can tell that the dj’s and the MF dj mixers are best buddies.  I so loved to hear the sounds that comes from the mixers when the dj’s hands is working on it.  Without this talented dj’s this mixers wont work.  This makes them both the best buddies when in comes to remixing the song.  I dream to be a dj and play with the mixers but this professions is not for me to have.  I do hope one day I get to play dj’s mixers and make my new version of the songs that I want to do some remix.

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  1. amiableamy says:

    awww did too when I was in high school…twas fun … i had good memories 🙂

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