He teach me instead

I have asked the sister about flash cards with numbers, alphabet, drawings of flowers and animals because I am planning to teach the two nephews at home.  I want them to learn simple things while at home.  The nephews ages are one and three years old.  Too young to teach but I think it is good to start early than later.  I think it would be best to start early for them to have some background about basic so that when they are going to enroll in kindergarten, they are ready and not scared because I have advance learning.  Since first school is at home, I will take the opportunity to teach the nephews early.

The day after the sister handed to me the flashcards that I’ve asked, I started teaching the kids.  I teach them the numbers and counting numbers.  I feel that they get bored so I shift to showing them the images of animals and tell them the kind.  But the three years old nephew took the flashcards.  At first I hide it but, he is not paying attention so I decided to just give it to him.  The worse is, the nephew wants to teach me.  haha!  He said, ‘unsa ni tita’.  Which means what is this tita in english.  haha  He is the teacher now and I am the student.  My goodness, this little gremlins are pain in my head.  Funny though because I asked them and they asked me.  What a nice class we have.

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