Recognizing the shapes

My three years old nephew is so excited after seeing the materials we are going to use for him to start learning.  I opted to use the old books of his sisters and not the flash cards because he thinks that flash cards is a toy.  Instead of teaching him, he prefers to play cards. haha!  His parents are teaching him to recognize the shapes and the animals already.  Every time he wakes up in the morning he is looking for his books ( his sister’s books) and sits down in the corner and started pinpointing the shapes and the animals in the book.  I let him do what he likes because he gets mad when I interfere.  I just butt in if he needs my help.

It is so inspiring to see the nephew tries to learn on his own.  I can tell that he is determined to learn things.  I do hope he has this eagerness to learn until it is time for him to go to school.  Anyways, now that he starts recognizing the shapes, we will proceed to numbers, colors, alphabet, animals, fruits and vegetables.  Wow, lots of learning to be done.  Hope my nephew will not get bored.  I will think of a nice strategy wherein it will look like we are playing than learning.  It is time to use the flashcards by then.

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