Wish to have this in the bathroom

To be honest I have not tried to soak my body in the bathtub.  When I was little, my mind is programmed that having a bathtub in the bathroom is just for rich an élite people.    But in my dreams I have it in my dream house.  My simple dream house that is full of love and happiness.  I have seen bathtub though in the hotel I visited and in the house of my aunt.  I am thinking of pampering myself in the bathtub though.  I am just using my imagination since I do not have it for real.  Though I do wish that I have bathtub in our bathroom now.  If our bathroom does have enough space I would consider putting claw bathtub in the bathroom.  This is one of my wish in life.  I know this is simple but having this for real is like a dream come true.  I really hope that this will happen in the near future in my dream house maybe.

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