Perfect envelop for shipping

I have an online friend who happens to live in the north part of the country.  Even though we just meet online, I can tell that our friendship is genuine.  In fact she did gave me presents twice.  She is very thoughtful and a nice friend I can tell.  I am so happy to meet her here online. They said that it is difficult to find true friends today, but she is one of a kind.   can say that she is one of my precious friends that I will cherish and treasure forever.  She is very dear to me that is why I am thinking of giving her a present one of these days.  I have in mind already of what to give her.  When I have time I will go to the mall and buy something for her and sealed it inside the tyvek envelopes sent it to her.  Since she lives far from the city where I live, I have to ship it to her and the tyvek envelopes are perfect to use for shipping.

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